About Us

the brand

The Reni Smith brand portrays the modern and confident woman, who loves simple, bold and unique pieces designed with great attention to tailoring and fit. She exudes effortless class and sophistication and stands out as a woman in tune with the delicate art of feminine clothing. The Reni Smith woman is your dream, your reality. She is your YOU! We offer couture, ready-to-wear and bridal services ranging from wedding dresses to bridesmaid’s dresses, to suit the bespoke needs of our clientele.

Locally produced

We take pride in the fact that, all of our clothes are specially produced in Africa.

comfort and functionality

Our pieces are designed firstly for the comfort of the Reni Smith Woman. Functionality is key!

custom orders/sizing

We offer custom order/sizing as a bespoke service to all our clients, on every design for a minimal extra fee.


Only few pieces of each Reni Smith designs is produced. Enjoy the luxury of being one in a few.